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Google working on 'Clear Calling' for Android phone calls

09 September 2022 6

Even though video and audio calls through smartphone apps have become quite popular, there are a huge number of users who rely on traditional ways of making phone calls. It is something that has remained the same all these years but going forward, Google is ready to release a new feature meant to improve the calling experience.

Google recently released Android 13's first quarterly release beta build for supported devices. Mishaal Rahman, a Senior Technical Editor at Esper, spotted a new Clear Calling feature in the same build. It is a feature aimed at improving noise reduction during phone calls. It will essentially deliver a clear voice experience while on a phone call.

Rahman has shared a screenshot showing feature has a toggle that needs to be turned on. It means it will be up to the user whether someone wants to use it or not. It is important to note that there is a disclaimer in the screenshot. It reads Clear Calling will work only for calls through cellular networks. It will not be compatible with calls placed via WiFi Calling.

Google has also said content from users' calls will not be sent to Google servers. It is unknown how the feature would work but it could be similar to how the noise reduction works on Meet. We will have to wait to know more details. The feature is under development and should become available for everyone in the coming weeks.



Google working on 'Clear Calling' for Android phone calls
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