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Google announces lockscreen widgets for iOS 16

13 September 2022 5

Apple has released iOS 16 for everyone as it launched iPhone 14 series last week. The new iOS 16 comes with a number of changes but the biggest one is the newly redesigned lockscreen. It features support for widgets that can be added to the lock screen and now, Google has announced its own set of lockscreen widgets for iOS 16 users.

These widgets are available for a variety of Google apps and all three supported shapes. These shapes are circular, rectangular, and inline. The first two shape widgets are meant to be added below the clock on the lockscreen and the last one is meant to be added above it.

Starting with Search, widgets will let you perform quick searches with just one tap. These are available for voice search, image search, translation, shopping, education, and the usual Google search bar. These are meant to help you get started with your search without having to unlock the iPhone and then go to the home screen.

There are four widgets for the Chrome browser. The first one is for launching the browser with just one tap. The next two are for initiating a voice or incognito mode search. The last one is simply for quickly playing the dino game. The Google Drive widget will give quick access to starred files/folders and suggestions about files that have been shared with you.

There are two Google Maps widgets to help you with navigation. The first one is related to your frequent trips which will show real-time traffic updates about your frequently visited places like offices and homes. The second widget is for quickly accessing nearby restaurants, shops, cafes, and sleeping places.

As for Gmail, there is a simple widget that will show you the count of new emails in your inbox. There is one more widget that shows a category-wise breakdown of new emails. Lastly, Google News has a widget that will latest and breaking news right on the lockscreen. Google says all these widgets will start rolling out in the coming weeks.



Google announces lockscreen widgets for iOS 16
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