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YouTube Shorts and Music integration makes it easier to save songs

15 September 2022 4

YouTube Shorts arrived as a TikTok competitor and has proved to be a success ever since. A large number of creators including established as well as emerging ones are creating Shorts. Since music tracks are an integral part of Shorts' success, YouTube is doing the obvious by deeply integrating Shorts with its music streaming service YouTube Music.

Every now and then, we come across tracks on Shorts that we enjoy but have not listened to before. We even want to add them to our playlists at times. The integration is meant to make it easier for users to discover and save such tracks. YouTube Shorts already allows users to tap on the music button in the bottom right corner to browse all other Shorts which have used the same track. It will now show a new Save option just below the track details. Tapping this option will automatically add that track to a YouTube Music playlist.

YouTube has introduced a new playlist called Sounds from Shorts for this integration. All your saved tracks from Shorts will get added to this particular playlist. The good thing is that it will be accessible from both Shorts and Music applications. But what makes this even better is that you can add tracks manually to the playlist so that these can be used in Shorts later.

It means the YouTube Shorts and Music integration will work both ways. It will not only help you add your favorite Shorts tracks to a playlist but also add your playlist tracks to Shorts. The feature rollout has already begun and should become available for you anytime soon.



YouTube Shorts and Music integration makes it easier to save songs
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