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Apple working on iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fix

20 September 2022 7

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max come with camera upgrades including second-generation optical image stabilization. These are meant to improve the camera performance but a few of the early users of the devices have complained about a unique issue. It is related to the shaking of the camera while using third-party apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

It is reported that whenever iPhone 14 Pro camera is used with certain third-party apps, there is a significant shake which some have described as "uncontrollably". Some have even talked about hearing a rattling sound. The exact reason behind the issue is unknown but it is speculated to be due to the new optical image stabilization mechanism. You can check the tweet below to see exactly how the issue is affecting iPhone 14 Pro models.

The first reports about the issue started to appear over the weekend. Apple has now officially acknowledged the issue and has started working on a fix. It said the fix would arrive as a software update. This suggests that the issue is related to software instead of hardware. It is important to note that the camera shake issue does not affect the default camera app.

The update is expected to arrive sometime next week. In the meantime, users are advised not to open camera while using third-party apps. This is to avoid any physical damage to the camera to due to the camera sensor shaking. We will keep you posted as and when Apple will push the software update including the fix.

  • The Apple iPhone 14 Pro isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.
  • The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Apple working on iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fix
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