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This is Motorola's concept rollable smartphone

18 October 2022 2

At the ongoing Lenovo Tech World 2022 conference, Motorola has showcased its conceptual rollable smartphone. The concept was demonstrated by Luca Rossi, EVP of Lenovo Group. It joins many other OEMs like Samsung, LG, and TCL that have shown off their own takes on rollable smartphone concepts in the past.

The concept phone features a 5-inch rollable OLED display when it is in the "normal" state. There is a physical button on the side that expands the display to 6.5-inch when pressed. It was a functional demonstration where the expansion and rolling back of the display could be seen in action. However, it is hard to say how close Motorola is to a commercial release.

Motorola says it believes rollable displays will provide an optimal balance of content and comfort. It means users will be able to carry around a compact phone which will be convenient to keep in one's pocket or even for day-to-day usage. Whenever they will feel like using it for watching some media content, they can expand the display to get a bigger size.

The whole user interface including apps, wallpapers, and widgets will adapt to the change in display. As you would expect, Motorola is not offering any further details about the rollable concept smartphone. It has not even announced a name for the tech or the phone itself. We will have to wait and see if the company actually proceeds and releases it in the market.



This is Motorola's concept rollable smartphone
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