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Google shares benefits of Pixel 7 series 64-bit only approach

31 October 2022 7

Earlier this month, we first got to hear Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the first Android smartphones with support for only 64-bit apps. Google has now officially confirmed that same claim in a blog post. Serban Constantinescu, Product Manager, has further talked about the benefits of opting for the new approach and ditching 32-bit apps on new Pixel phones.

The 64-bit-only approach is said to have benefits like reduced memory usage, performance improvement, and enhanced security on phones. The Pixel 7 series is the first lineup to support for only 64-bit apps but Google says we will see more devices follow this approach in the future. The company has been working toward this kind of future for the last few years.

Google says 64-bit apps run a lot faster as compared to 32-bit counterparts. This is because of the extra registers and instructions that they have access to. It adds modern CPUs deliver a 25% performance boost when running a 64-bit code. When 32-bit code is removed, it helps save up to 150MB of RAM which is used by OS when 32-bit apps are not in use.

From the perspective of developers, they have access to better tools like HWASan for detecting memory errors while targeting 64-bit apps. It further helps in improving the quality of applications. The support helps OS vendors deliver faster operating system updates and that too in a more convenient manner.



Google shares benefits of Pixel 7 series 64-bit only approach
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