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Twitter Blue may cost $11 per month on iOS, $7 on desktop

08 December 2022 4

It has been over a couple of weeks since Elon Musk decided to halt the Twitter Blue subscription with a verified tag. It is unknown when it will resume but a new report has thrown some light on the new pricing details. As per The Information, Twitter will charge a higher fee on iOS to make up for the cut charged by Apple for App Store purchases.

The report suggests Twitter Blue will cost $11 per month when subscribed on iOS. It will cost $7 when subscribed via the desktop. The extra charge on iOS devices is to compensate for the 30% cut that Apple keeps for every purchase made via App Store. It is hoping this would encourage users to subscribe through the web and thus, it will not have to pay any cut to the Cupertino-based tech giant.

This is not a surprising move as we recently saw Musk publically expressing his displeasure against Apple's policies. He even talked about Apple threatening to withhold Twitter from the App Store. These views led to a meeting between Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook which was reported to be a positive one. He went on to say there was some misunderstanding that led him to believe that the application would be removed from the store.

It is important to note new Twitter Blue pricing details are only reported for now. Twitter is yet to make an official statement on the matter. Another thing to keep in mind is that Musk is known for taking swift decisions. It means things can change anytime and we may have totally different pricing as and when the subscription launches.



Twitter Blue may cost $11 per month on iOS, $7 on desktop
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