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LG debuts Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera with 4x-9x zoom

28 December 2022 2

LG exited the smartphone business last year but that does not mean it has cut all ties with the industry. It is still a part of the ecosystem and primarily works as a component supplier for other brands. LG Innotek has announced the Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module ahead of CES 2023. It is claimed to deliver superior optical zoom capabilities without resulting in a significant camera bump.

We have seen smartphones like Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with a telephoto optical camera zoom sensor. They are able to offer optical zoom to a certain extent and then offer a hybrid of digital zoom. This results in a degraded image quality which is a trade-off if you want to zoom further. LG's telephoto sensor will offer higher zoom capabilities without affecting image quality.

The new LG telephoto zoom camera module is capable of moving between 4x and 9x optical zoom. This is the same approach followed by DSLR camera sensors. It means users will be able to click photos with the same high quality regardless of where the optical zoom is between 4x and 9x.

The camera module will be able to achieve these zoom capabilities with the help of a newly developed "zoom actuator". It is a crucial component of the module developed by LG Innotek. It is said to move the lens quickly and accurately for focus setting. There is also OIS for reducing the blur phenomenon from shaking. The team has also minimized the module thickness which reduces the camera bump size.

LG has collaborated with Qualcomm for bringing the Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module support to smartphones as fast as possible. It will make its debut with smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that will launch in 2023.



LG debuts Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera with 4x-9x zoom
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