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iPhone 15 Plus to be cheaper due to low iPhone 14 Plus sales

30 December 2022 4

When Apple debuted the iPhone 14 series this year, it replaced the compact-sized "Mini" model with a new Plus variant. The iPhone 14 Plus was similar to the vanilla iPhone 14 but had a bigger display. But as it turned out, the new offering failed to attract buyers and had seen below-par sales so far. This is the reason Apple is said to be reconsidering its plans for next year.

As per Naver, a South Korean publication, Apple is looking at different ways to make up for reduced iPhone 14 Plus sales when it launches a successor in 2023. The first path is to reduce the feature gap between Pro and non-Pro models which is significant in current-gen offerings. This is the reason Dynamic Island will expand to all iPhone 15 models.

The second change is pricing the iPhone 15 Plus to be a lot cheaper as compared to the iPhone 14 Plus. It is believed high cost and no special features are the reasons people are not inclined towards buying the Plus variant. The reduced pricing and new features are expected to make buyers more interested in spending money on new models instead of opting for the previous generation.

Apple is also thinking about expanding the feature gap between the Pro and Max models. The difference will be seen in camera components and materials. There are speculations that we may see a change in the naming scheme next year. There are rumors we may see iPhone 15 Ultra replace the "Pro Max" model. It will be the most expensive model in the lineup with features that are not available on any other iPhone variant. These exclusive features are said to be a USB Type-C port, 8K video recording, and the A17 Bionic chipset.



iPhone 15 Plus to be cheaper due to low iPhone 14 Plus sales
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