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Google Chrome finally gets Memory Saver, Energy Saver features

21 February 2023 2

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser worldwide but it also has a bad reputation for being resource-hungry. This not only affects your browsing experience but also the battery life of your notebook. To overcome this, Google announced Memory Saver and Energy Saver tools for Chrome on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks last December. The good thing is the wait is over and the rollout has finally begun.

Memory Saver is all about saving the memory consumption of your machine. The tool essentially snoozes inactive tabs until you start using them actively. This allows Chrome to free up memory and resources for other important tasks. It should be noted that this does not kill inactive tabs. All those tabs will continue to be visible in the address bar and you only need to click on them to make them active. It will show you the amount of memory freed up while a particular tab was inactive.

As for Energy Saver, the tool is meant to help conserve battery power by limiting background activity and visual effects. It limits animations and smooth scrolling and even reduces video frame rates. Google says users may notice some differences in gaming and video performance when this tool is active. Apart from simple on or off, users can choose to turn it on only when the battery is lower than 20% or when the laptop is unplugged.

Google says both these tools will be enabled by default for all users on Chrome 110 or higher. The feature rollout has begun which means you should have it if you are running the latest version. If the tools are still unavailable due to some reason, you can enable them using chrome://flags/#battery-saver-mode-available and chrome://flags/#high-efficiency-mode-available flags.



Google Chrome finally gets Memory Saver, Energy Saver features
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