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Snapchat gets MyAI chatbot powered by ChatGPT

28 February 2023 4

Snapchat is the newest tech company to announce a ChatGPT-powered chatbot for its users. Its chatbot is aptly called My AI as it utilizes artificial intelligence for functioning. It joins the likes of Opera that have released their respective features powered by ChatGPT. The chatbot is powered by the latest ChatGPT version but customized for Snapchat.

My AI will allow users to interact in a way that feels like they are talking to a friend. Its whole UI is similar to what you get when you are chatting with your Snapchat friends. This is the reason users can give it a personalized name and even set chat wallpaper. The chatbot will be pinned at the top of all the conversations in the inbox. Users can interact with it by sending any message as they do with their friends.

The official blog post says, "My AI can recommend birthday gift ideas for your BFF, plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, suggest a recipe for dinner, or even write a haiku about cheese for your cheddar-obsessed pal." In comparison to other ChatGPT bots, Snap has trained it in a way that will comply with the company's trust and safety guidelines. It means there will not be responses including swearing, sexually explicit content, and violence. It will also avoid sensitive topics like politics and users cannot use it to write academic essays either.

The team's goal is to ensure that My AI does not offer any inappropriate answers. This is the reason it will keep fine-tuning it as more and more users will use it. The chatbot is currently available only for Snapchat+ subscribers which is a $3.99 per month paid subscription. There are plans to expand it to everyone on the app but no particular timeline has been shared for that yet.



Snapchat gets MyAI chatbot powered by ChatGPT
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