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How to stop Google Chrome from opening closed tabs on start-up

20 April 2018 2

Google Chrome is a web browser packed with a lot of features which are aimed at enhancing the overall browsing experience for users. But since it is used by a wide range of users around the world, it is not surprising to know that not every user like every single feature out there.

One such feature is Chrome's ability to open all previously closed tabs when it is started up again. While this feature is expected to be convenient for users, there can be some users who might find it to be more annoying than it is useful. If you are one of those users, here is how you can stop Chrome from opening those closed tabs during the startup.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser and click the three-dot icon in the top right corner to visit browser settings.

Step 2: In Chrome settings interface, scroll down until you find On startup section. From here choose any of the other two options: Open a New Tab page and Open a specific page or set of pages.

This way, you can stop Chrome reloading tabs that you opened previously when you launch it the next time. As for which of the two options you should choose, it completely depends on your preference or need. The first option should be selected if you simply want Chrome to open a new tab page. The second option is helpful when you want it to open a particular website like some search engine or your favorite news website. While choosing the second option, you can even select multiple websites which will be opened in multiple tabs.



How to stop Google Chrome from opening closed tabs on start-up
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