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Google Assistant gets ‘Interpreter Mode’ to become real-time translator

09 January 2019 3

At this year CES show, we have seen tons of new products ranging from laptops, OLEDs, TVs, cameras, printers, electric vehicles and much more. However, during this advancement, Google didn't lag behind as the company announced a couple of new features of Google Assistant to be on par with other AI Assistants like Alexa and Siri. The first new feature was optimized Google Maps with Google Assistant.

The second feature is dubbed as 'Interpreter Mode', it is pretty awesome as it helps the users to get real-time translation the go instantly. This mode is certainly a relief for those who travel a lot and face the difficulty in interacting with foreigners whose native language is different.

The Interpreter mode will allow you to utilize Google Assistant as a real-time translator. This is certainly a pretty great addition to the Google AI Assistant which is already considered amongst the best.

With the new mode, all you need to say “Hey Google, be my Italian interpreter.” It will interpret your conservation in both directions. Google confirmed initially the Google Assistant will be able to translate in 27 different languages.

As far as the release is a concern, the new Interpreter Mode will be rolled out for smart displays and Home speakers. The good thing is you can also read the conversation on the smart displays as well. Google stated the new feature will benefit the retail services.

Do share your thoughts regarding the Google Assistant new Interpreter mode in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more CES news.



Google Assistant gets ‘Interpreter Mode’ to become real-time translator
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