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Google wants community to help improve Android Q

13 March 2019 4

A major upcoming update to Android OS is underworks reflecting through Android Q and we have been hearing alout about it lately. Various speculations and leaked information have surfaced online hinting towards what we could expect from the upcoming Android version. May that a system wide implementation of dark mode or a Face ID like technology or the ability to carrier lock the phone much effectively, all of these updates are surfacing as we approach near to the launch.

While the Android Q beta could be here by any day, the final release of the OS version possibly could be launched at Google I/O as what the history suggests. Now as Google is making the OS better, the tech giant wants the user community to give in their input and suggestions to make the OS better and more refined.

It’s expected that Google would have a feedback app build into the settings menu of the OS though it would be better if it is updateable through Google PlayStore considering the OS would be rolling out to a wide range of Android smartphones and not only Google Pixel , to begin with.

The feedback app would have three options to better help the community to report the improvements. One option would be to Report the issues, Feature request and other feedback and all of the feedbacks would be made public apart from any attachments that could hold any private information.

What do you think about this move to better improve the upcoming OS? Do you think it’s a wise idea from Google? Share your views in the comment section below.



Google wants community to help improve Android Q
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JohathanMatthews BobAckerley

Hmm... I think it's a good idea to give an SOS call. We all have our notions of improving a software piece, no matter how useful or important it is to the mass users. But yes, nothing bad in asking. Better be not sorry... :D :D


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