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The top 10 fascinating inventions of the 21st Century

14 November 2016 6

Human is the most curious and smartest species on the planet. This is why Human invent new things and these inventions are bringing major changes in our life. The first caveman who bashed a rock becomes the inventor of sharp-edged tools and since then these tools are being used in different sectors. Despite we are quite new in the 21st century and spent only 16 years in this millennium but we have tons of great inventions in these years. The top inventions list is compiled by the telegraph. Let’s have a look on all of them one by one.

1: Bluetooth

The Bluetooth tech was invented back in 1999 but as expected initially it was not adopted by mobile phones and computer manufacturers. This tech was adopted in 2000 and since then now every smartphone, PC, Laptop and other smart products has this tech. No doubt, Bluetooth usage become an essential part of smart products user and it was one of the top invention of the 21st century in the tech industry.

2: AbioCor Artificial Heart:

The artificial AbioCor heart was used back in 2001 for the first time. The special feature of this heart is it can power itself and doesn’t require many wires which lessen the chances of infection. Although it was a great invention but still not used in many surgeries.

3: Apple iPhone:

Apple iPhone was unveiled back in 2007 and since its announcement it gains huge market success. The Apple marketing strategy and being the first smartphone with the only single home key made the device one of the best selling smartphones of the history. As per latest stats, Apple sold nearly 900 million iPhones globally till H1 2016.

4: Android:

Google announces Android back in 2008, it was company’s response to Apple iPhones iOS. Many smartphone manufacturers wanted to compete with Apple but they lack iOS. Google provided manufacturers Android an alternative platform. At the moment, it is the main OS of Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony and many other OEMs. As per stats, Android OS is on the 80% smartphones available in the market.

5: Apple iPad

Apple iPad was a great invention from Apple. It was unveiled in 2010. We have to admit it was the first device of its kind. Like the first iPhone, it attained much attained much attention of customers. For years, Apple stood number one in the tablet market.

6: Facebook

Although Facebook was not the first social network site but the success it achieved was way more than earlier Bebo and MySpace. The main reason behind its success was its easy understandable UI. At the moment 1.6 billion people use Facebook for connecting with worldwide friends.

7: YouTube

YouTube was created in2005 by three friends who are currently working for PayPal. At the moment, YouTube is the most popular website in the world for video-sharing. It allows its users to broadcast themselves for free of cost. Developer, manufacturers, politicians use this platform to showcase themselves.

8: Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle was also not the first device of its category. It was announced back in 2007. Despite having an average design and specs, it beats its main rival Sony because of its access to Amazon’s e-Book library and budget friendly price tag. Amazon is currently holding 80% market share of online e-Book reading whereas Sony left this business.

9: IBM Watson Winning Jeopardy

When we are discussing inventions, how IMB can be left behind. Back in 2011, IBM launched an AI computer system, Watson, It has the ability to reply all questions which users ask in natural language. In the same year, the system won the American quiz show and beat top two American champions of the show. In 2016, Google DeepMind beat the Go world champion instantly.

10: Skype

The Skype was announced in 2003. It was pioneer way to the communication of users across borders. The Skype was the first VOIP tool which allows the user to communicate with friends over the Internet and even they can do free video chats as well by just using Wi-Fi connection. Initial app of Skype was for desktop users but now it is available on Android and iOS platforms as well.



The top 10 fascinating inventions of the 21st Century
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AbioCor artificial heart is one of the best here in my opinion, because, it is something life saving. It's good for the entire mankind. Yet, I don't see it being used widely. I don't know for what reasons.


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