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Here are the 100 top most used websites on the internet

10 March 2017 4

Have you wondered how big the internet might be and how are we all lined to each other? Over 250 underwater cables are what connect cries of the world to each other. That’s what we came to know from Google Creative Lab a few months ago. As it was revealed a couple of days ago, Android was close to becoming the most popular OS to use the internet on the verge of beating Windows which was quite unthinkable five years ago.

Today we look at what’s really used in the internet of things and what websites do people generally log on to the most. And a Singapore-based web hosting company Vodien have come up with a way to use data from Analytics firm Alexa to post the 100 top sites used on the internet ranking them on the basis of traffic in a month.

The result is an infographic which is put up on the basis of businesses with circle sizes defining how high they are on the list of most used websites.

Google took the coveted throne as it went on to be the top website people used in the US as parent company, Alphabet took charge of claiming three other spots in the Top 100 with YouTube following Google to be the second one on the list.

Each website is color coded to be placed in a specific category with surprisingly numerous turnouts for News publications going as high as 14 in the top 100. This was followed by Social Networking sites with 12 appearances which just shadows over Web & Hosting services with 11 appearances in the top 100.

With 28 billion visitors per month, Google towers over the lowly ranked ones on the list by a large margin. This could be explained when compared to the viewership of Citi.com as Google gets 500 times as many views as Citi which ranks 98 in the list with just 53 million viewers per month.​

Yahoo and Twitter went on to claim the fifth and ninth spot on the list respectively to be inside the top 10. We even got to see three Porn sites making the top 100 along with a couple of torrent sites with ThePirateBay.org reaching as high as 78 on the list.



Here are the 100 top mostly used websites on the internet
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It's always interesting to know the proportion of the internet as at least I am not the one who knows a lot about it. So, getting to read this info is cool.


This is quite a cool list. It introduced me to a number of sites that I hadn't known before this. And yes, it gives us the picture of the internet as well.


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