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ARM's new display technologies aim to improve VR and HDR

01 November 2017 2

ARM has announced new display technologies so as to improve the VR and HDR. The company states that the challenges represented by VR, HDR, and multi-window required a new approach, so they’ve created a new architecture Komeda, which comprises of the Mali-D71, CoreLink MMU-600, and Assertive Display 5.

The Mali-D71 is an optimized display processor that tries to slow down the performance issues that appear due to higher frame rates. It provides 30% system power savings by reducing the GPU workloads by performing a composition, rotation, high-quality scaling. It’s optimized for 4K 120 fps operations, making it an ideal candidate for VR applications.

The CoreLink MMU-600 takes care of the data management. It also secures content protection for your premium media. The Assertive Display 5 can produce HDR content even on an SDR display. Well, this is indeed a big claim and we will get to know about it only in the future. It also comes with night mode/blue light filtering in-hardware. It can improve visibility in sunlight while power, all without touching the actual GPU.

If you want to read the full technical details for the entire new display solution lineup, you can read up on all ARM’s details for the Mali-D71, CoreLink MMU-600, and Assertive Display 5.



ARM's new display technologies aims to improve VR and HDR
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