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Mozilla's 'speedy' Firefox Quantum browser is coming today for everyone

14 November 2017 3

Firefox Quantum browser that was in beta for almost the last two months will release for everyone today. Mozilla has shown many test results explaining that the new browser is quite fast and consumes 30% less memory. Mozilla has been comparing its new browser, which is based on Quantum Flow continuously with Chrome. In fact, many tests have been conducted by taking the two into consideration. Well, it’s better to highlight the differences by comparing the likes of the most used browser.

One of the main highlights of the new Firefox Quantum is its speed and the company claims it’s 2x faster than the browser from the last year.

According to Mozilla, the new browser takes the advantage of multiple CPU cores of desktops and mobiles efficiently and thus renders the modern internet contents faster. This is the improved hardware that has given the browser a new meaning to being faster and efficient. Mozilla says that the multi-process architecture of the Firefox consumes 30% less RAM.

The Firefox Quantum browser doesn’t only bring the speed but a new interface and looks as well. Also, with the help of Library, Extensions, you can personalize the browser. The Photon UI makes the Firefox Quantum look different.

A test shared by Mozilla back in July showed that the new Firefox browser is capable of opening 1691 tabs in a mere fifteen seconds. We are just a few hours away from the said launch date of the browser, but if you’re still impatient, you can download the beta version.



Mozilla's 'speedy' Firefox Quantum browser is coming today for everyone
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