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World's first VR theme park to open its doors to public in China next month

15 November 2017 4

The virtual world might have just everything that our real world has. However, the former is yet not seen, felt, touched by the masses. Engineers are building the environment, giving rise to new resources that could help us to jump into this world and experience something extraordinary and something that we haven’t yet seen in the real world too. One such virtual world has been made in China and it’s opening its door to the public in December.

The world’s first virtual theme park will open in southwest China next month, where the visitors will see UFOs, fighter jets, and other sci-fi fantasies. The park will also house a VR movie-making studio as well as media research and development center. The name of this park is “The East Valley of Science and Fantasy” and it’s $1.3B project developed by the animation unit of Oriental Times Media in Guiyang.

The park is sprawling on a 320-acre site and it features a 175ft Transformer statue, which is built from 750 tons of steel, the equivalent of two Boeing 747 jets, cost around $15M to build.

The park also includes high-tech entertainment facilities, for instance, VR recreation hall, VR cinema, southwest China’s first VR roller coaster, holographic alien base, children’s science fiction world, and more.

Visitors will be able to travel to the future, fight dragons, fly to space, and even meet extraterrestrial life, all with the help of VR. Upon entering the park, the visitors will be given VR helmets and other gadgets to help them interact with the environment.



World's first VR theme park to open its doors to public in China next month
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