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Here's how to mute annoying friends for 30 days on Facebook

26 December 2017 5

Getting similar or related posts from your friends again and again on your Facebook News Feed could be daunting. Watching your friend having fun with his new cat sounds interesting but you wouldn’t like the same adorable stuff flooding your News Feed over and over again. Well, the same goes for pages and the groups you’ve joined. There’s a group that continuously fills up your Feed but you don’t want to leave it too, but you can have a control of it with Facebook’s new ‘Snooze’ feature.

The newly launched ‘Snooze’ feature lets you mute a particular person you’re friend with, a page, or a group you follow for 30 days. This is like a temporary block that will hide all the posts for a month. So, you can easily get rid of those same memes that your friends’ post every other day.

Just follow the simple step that will let you hide the posts for a temporary period of time.

Just tap the three dot icon present next to any post from a person/page/group. You’ll see the option available in the menu you get after tapping the three-dot menu.

Select the option Snooze “person’s name” for 30 days and this will hide the post from a particular person if he/she posts a lot in the group on a page or put something on their profile generally.

Once the 30 days grace period is over, Facebook won’t automatically start showing the posts from that person but will rather notify you that the snooze period for “your friend’s name” is soon coming to end. So that you could decide whether to mute posts for another span of 30 days or start showing posts from him/her.

Facebook already provides you a way to hide posts from a particular person with the help of Hide feature. This feature shows fewer posts on your News Feeds. Also, there’s an Unfollow feature that completely avoids all the posts from a particular account or group but it lets you stay in the group. So, the new Snooze feature is somewhat an amalgamation of both these features.



Here's how to mute annoying friends for 30 days on Facebook
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