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How to stop autoplay videos in Chrome and Firefox

31 January 2018 3

The auto-playing of videos in the browsers annoys us every one. And, browsers have already given us ways to control the flash content of the site we visit every day. But, over the time, video standards have changed and so is their use via the websites.

Sites and advertisers change the code on the constant basis so as to come with a way that can’t stop their videos from auto-playing. Such custom-made codes fool the browsers into thinking that they aren’t dealing with a video. But, developers of browsers are working hard to give some good control over such issues to the user and the latest Chrome v64 works towards eradicating it, well, if we go by what Google shared via its Chromium blog post. Google promised to solve the autoplay of media on Chrome via the new update v64 which has just arrived. According to Google, this new update "gives more control over audio."

However, reportedly, Chrome v64 doesn’t stop sites from auto-playing the content with sound, even though it does work in non-stable versions.

Anyways, I's here to tell you how you can stop the annoying autoplaying content on Chrome (if you’re not on the newest version of Chrome) and Firefox in the desktops.

How to stop videos from autplaying in Chrome and Firefox

Before beginning, it should be noted that many sites have gradually switched from using the video plug-in software and are now using the HTML5. So, I'm telling you ways to stop such videos you encounter on different websites.

  • Google Chrome -

The first method is from Chrome and what you need to do is

  • Open Chrome
  • Go to “chrome://flags” in the URL bar and hit Enter
  • In the search box at the top, type in “autoplay”

Look for “Autoplay policy” and pull down the submenu, then choose “User gesture is required.”

This method doesn’t work completely for every site but this is a good workaround for a few sites like CNET that autoplays a video. On the other hand, the videos available on Bloomberg were still playing. Now, to stop such videos, there’s an extension available. This completely stops the videos from auto playing.

Note: Before proceeding, you must know that this extension hasn’t been maintained for a very long time. We aren’t responsible for anything going wrong. One of the prime reasons that the developer stopped maintaining it is that Google Chrome now includes this control for the users via Chrome v64. (You can read here why the maintenance has been stopped)

Keeping the warning aside, I did install this extension called as Disable HTML5 Autoplay. This disables the HTML5 audio and video autoplaying completely.

Mozilla Firefox -

In Firefox you can disable the HTML 5 videos from auto-playing by following the simple steps. To do this, simply type “about:config” into the address bar then a warning will appear, click through it and search for “autoplay” options—double-click on media.autoplay.embed (or right click to toggle) and the value changes to false.

Note: I haven’t yet tested the latest version of Chrome. I'll update this guide accordingly once it gets installed. There can be instances when these ways may not work because sites come with workarounds that can't stop them playing them automatically.



How to stop autoplay videos in Chrome and Firefox browsers
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