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Lithium-silicon batteries could pack 30% more power in your phone

19 March 2018 3

Researchers have developed a new battery technology that could increase the power packed into your phones, cars, and smartwatches.

The new lithium-silicon batteries are being developed by startups like Sila Technologies and Angstron Materials and will be ready for mass production soon. The new batteries provide considerable improvements in existing lithium-ion batteries. Leading car makers BMW, Intel, and Qualcomm are all backing the development of the new batteries.

Sila Technologies has built a prototype battery that uses silicon and graphene nanoparticles which makes the technology more durable. The company says that the battery’s new design can store 20% to 40% more energy than today’s lithium-ion batteries. Technology giants Apple and Samsung use Amperex Technology for batteries. The company has an investment partnership with Sila. The company stated that it will probably announce the batteries within the next two years.

A number of startups are competing to build the best lithium-silicon batteries, which include Enovix, which is backed by Intel and Qualcomm. The startup claims that its new design and technology could pack as much as 50% more energy into a smartphone. Added power could really boost smartphones, cars, and wearable devices. Apart from smartphone makers, car makers like BMW are also planning to incorporate the technology in an electric car by 2023 which could increase its power capacity by 10% to 15%. Last year, BWM had announced that it plans to invest $246 million in its own battery research centre.



Lithium-silicon batteries could pack 30% more power in your phone
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Every now and then news like more powerful batteries with a unique tech comes forward. But still to see something concrete in the mobiles we use.


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