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How to turn Twitter threads into readable blog posts

19 April 2018 2

Twitter users have been using the threaded tweet feature that lets them post long content by replying to their own tweets. But, those who read them aren’t enjoying this feature at all because as a reader you’d need to go through a big threaded tweet. The users have to click on each tweet, expand it and see what’s inside it. It’s actually painful to open each tweet as it’s quite time-consuming. However, there are a few ways with the help of which you can read the threaded twee like a blog post.

The first tool that lets you unfold a threaded tweet like a blog post is Spooler. This takes all those tweets available in a threaded tweet and put them together to serve you something like a blog post. You just need to copy the link of the threaded tweet you want to unfurl and paste it to the online tool Spooler to spool that long tweet into a blog post. The Spooler page will show that threaded tweet into something like a blog post. It doesn’t show any RTs, Like buttons, dateline, replies, just the text and the media if included in those tweets.

First method -

  • First off, Head to Spooler and it will ask you to login. You’re required to login from the same page and then Twitter will ask you whether you want to authorize this app. Click Authorize App and proceed
  • Copy the link of the tweet you want Spooler tool to unfurl.
  • Paste this link into the box as directed in the image and click Spool it button

It will open the tweeted thread into the blog post.

Second method -

Next up, we have an extension, Thread Reader Extension on Google Chrome that lets you do the same thing. But, you don’t need to open the tool page for the same.

  • Just install the Thread Reader extension
  • Open Twitter
  • Go to threaded tweet you want to open
  • Click on the down arrow which expands the menu
  • Now, click on the “Unroll in Thread Reader” option

This will then open a new page that looks similar to what Spooler opened for you with not RTs, datelines and so.

Here's the video by the developer if you want to see visually how to do it -

This is how you can unfold the threaded tweets into readable blog posts on the desktop.



How to turn Twitter threads into readable blog posts
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