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How to re-download deleted WhatsApp images and videos on Android

24 April 2018 5

WhatsApp deleted media including videos, images, and GIFs can now be recovered without the use of any third party app, tool or any kind of workaround. This comes after an update that WhatsApp seeded to its Android users. However, it may have its own limitation and you won’t be able to download the oldest media. But, I did recheck before posting this How to guide on recovering the deleted WhatsApp media that till when the lost media can be re-downloaded from WhatsApp servers. The WABetaInfo team was able to redownload files as old as three months. But, I was able to regain the lost media that was more than 4 months old. So, you can check on your own if the below-mentioned method works for you. However, WABetaInfo does mention that an old media came in August wasn't able to be recovered.

Before you move on to the guide, make sure you're using the WhatsApp Beta as the feature is currently available only on the Beta version.

The report came from WABetaInfo a week ago that shared WhatsApp now allows the Android users to re-download the deleted media.

Before this update, we weren’t able to regain the lost media from the WhatsApp. But, now, the media that’s deleted from your phone’s storage can now be downloaded from the WhatsApp servers again. This translates that WhatsApp continues to store our media on their servers even after we deleted them. Well, because the ‘downloaded’ media is deleted from your phone’s memory and not from the server so it will continue to stay there for some time period.

It should be noted that the undownloaded media was available for 30 days and when the recipient downloaded the media, WhatsApp immediately deleted it from the server. But, now the media stays on the WhatsApp server so that you can re-download it.

The update was available on the WhatsApp Beta version 2.18.113 on Android. However, according to WABetaInfo, "WhatsApp has silently added a new feature in these last minor updates for Android, precisely between the 2.18.106 and 2.18.110 updates."

Now, if you’ve accidentally deleted any WhatsApp image or video from your phone then you don’t need to worry as you can re-download it from the app, provided you haven’t deleted that media from the app. This means the image or video you deleted accidentally must be available inside the sender’s message, otherwise, WhatsApp will prompt you “request the sender to resend.”

Test this feature -

In case you want to test this new feature. Then delete a file from WhatsApp folder in your phone’s storage and then look it back to the sender’s message. The image or video you deleted will be visible in the message with a download sign, which means the file is ready again to be re-downloaded.

So, this is how you can recover your lost WhatsApp media once again.

If you want to test this feature then you can become the beta member of WhatsApp. We will update this info once the feature becomes available for everyone on Android.

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How to re-download deleted WhatsApp images and videos on Android
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