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Apple launches ARKit 2 with improved face tracking, realistic rendering, and more

04 June 2018 1

Apple at WWDC 2018 keynote started explaining the improvement of the iOS via the new upgrade, which is the iOS 12. Apple's WWDC 2018 is all about the software and the company is focusing mainly on improving the performance than releasing new or fancy features.

While explaining the AR part of the iOS 12, Apple also announced an update to the ARKit. Apple's platform that it announced last year helps the developers to make new AR apps. Now, ARKit has its version 2 with advancements and improvements. ARKit 2 includes the Improved face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection, persistent experiences, and shared experiences.

Apple's ARKit which is the company’s augmented reality toolkit for iOS 11 and above devices is a counterpart to Google's ARCore.

At the event, Craig Federighi gave a demo of the two users sharing a virtual environment using ARKit 2. Federighi shows how the two players can dig into a game virtually from their devices and play along.

After this demo, Fedrighi called up Martin Sanders, the Director of Innovation at LEGO on stage to demonstrate the all-new LEGO AR iOS app that will integrate with ARKit 2 features and connect to physical LEGO sets.

The demo showed up how the shared experiences using the ARKit 2 would work. The feature will make the iPhones and iPads more engaging, allowing the multiple users to play along. What's more interesting is, the developers can also add a spectator mode, allowing the friends and family to have the best views of AR gameplay from a different iOS device.

In a demo it was shown off how a city is built; users can build objects, place characters, go on quests, opens sets to allow anyone to see it, and play with the friends at the same time. Also, the players will be able to add Lego characters to the real world to interact with and

Up to 4 users can play at the same time from different iOS devices.

Talking about the persistent experiences, it changes the way the users interact with AR apps. The users can start from the same stage where they left their games. For instance, while building up a puzzle on a table, the users can take some break and come back and start from the point where they left it.

ARKit 2 also comes up with an interesting capability which is 3D object detection with the help of which it can detect toys or sculptures, and "adds the ability to automatically apply reflections of the real world onto AR objects."


The ARKit 2 will be available for iPhone 6s and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, and iPad 6th generation.



Apple launches ARKit 2 with improved face tracking, realistic rendering, and more
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