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Apple and Samsung finally settle patent infringement case

28 June 2018 4

Apple and Samsung have finally settled their ongoing seven-year-old battle regarding patent infringement.

Apple and Samsung have been battling over patent infringement for the last seven years. The companies have been involved in a legal suit since 2011when Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs had stated that he would make its Android rivals pay for copying the iPhone design. At the time, electronics giant Samsung was accused of copying the iPhone and infringing on multiple Apple patents.

Apple was originally awarded $1 billion in damages in the legal suit in 2011 after Samsung was found guilty of infringing on Apple’s patents. However, Samsung had appealed against the decision, which leads to a reduction in the penalty amount.

The retrial was concluded last month, where Samsung was found guilty and was ordered to pay Apple $539 million in damages. At the time, one of Samsung’s lawyers had stated that they might appeal against the ruling.

Now both the company’s have finally reached a decision and have decided to settle amicably. The two companies have not revealed the terms of their settlement as of now. With this, the billion dollar legal battle between the two technology rivals is finally over after seven years.



Apple and Samsung finally settle patent infringement case
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