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Xiaomiís MIUI 11 to address real needs of users

05 July 2018 4

Functionality is at the heart of any operating system. It appears that Xiaomi has released a very important truth, that an OS is only good as its reliability and functionality. While certain highlight features and gimmicks may make a custom themed version of Android stand out from the rest, what really matters to the end users is how functional and friendly user-interface of the operating system is. Xiaomi’s latest IUI version is MIUI 10, based on Android. However, the company has released an article sharing thoughts on its future plans.

Well, MIUI 10 is tailored made for most smartphones which were released almost a year back with an aspect ratio of 16:9. However, with new trends emerging like notched displays, it’s important for software to keep pace with present-day design changes. The current trend of full-screen phones has probably forced Xiaomi to ensure that its MIUI 11 will be more functional with a more user-friendly interface. This means the company may have already started working on MIUI 11.

There’s no doubt that the release of MIUI 11 is still far off but given the fact that the company’s actually working on optimizing it better for the end, it is still worth mentioning. If you haven’t received the MIUI 10 update yet, keep checking under the software update section in the settings menu for an OTA update as the global beta ROM time has been announced!



Xiaomiís MIUI 11 to address real needs of users
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