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Elon Musk's "kid-size" submarine could be helpful for Thai cave rescue

09 July 2018 3

Thailand cave rescuers have been doing the efforts to rescue the boys and their football coach who got stuck inside a flooded cave. The rescue operation has been working since June 23 and up till now, the rescuers have saved 4 boys out of the 13 people in total. The operation is still going on for the remaining 8 boys and their coach by the rescue team members of Thailand.

The situation is regarded as the “war against the water and race against the time.” Thai Navy SEALs, and experts from the US, China, and Australia and the UK have been working hard to rescue them. Also, Elon Musk, Billionaire tech entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has come up with an “escape pod” that could be helpful in saving the remaining boys and their coach who’re trapped inside the Tham Luang Nang caves in northern Thailand.

Musk has posted a series of tweets in which he tells that this escape pod is built from “the liquid oxygen transfer tube” of a SpaceX Falcon rocker that could be used as a submarine.

He also writes that the kid-size “submarine is light enough to be carried by 2 divers and small enough to get through narrow gaps.”

A footage is also shared by Musk that shows a group is testing the device in a Los Angeles high school swimming pool. Musk's post came after US and Thai officials confirmed Sunday that four of 12 boys trapped in the cave had been rescued.

It is not yet known whether Musk’s submarine will be used in extracting the remaining boys from the cave. However, Musk has suggested that the submarine could be modified for use as an “escape pod in space.”

"Hopefully useful," he said in one tweet. "If not, perhaps it will be in a future situation."

Those who're unaware, twelve boys and their soccer coach were found alive in a cave in Thailand, after going missing for 9 days. Monsoon rains trapped the whole team in the cave during a team outing on June 13. Torrential rain caused the water level within the cave to rise rapidly. They eventually found a dry landing spot, where they waited for nine days before being discovered by two British divers.

The cave is flooded with the trapped monsoon rains water and to come out of this cave, the boys would have to dive through it. Currently, rescuers are working to drain water out of the cave and save them ultimately.

Trapped boys were sent medics, food, and water as the exact time of their rescue is unknown. Rescue teams are doing hard efforts to save them all but meanwhile, the boys have to have the food so as to sustain until they get saved.



Elon Musk's kid-size submarine could be helpful for Thai cave rescuers
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As of today, the operation is already over and I read all boys and the coach are rescued. But didn't go deep to know if Mr. Musk's submarine was used or not.


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