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Rootless Launcher removed from Play Store for violation

06 September 2018 3

Launchers come and go but the Rootless Pixel Launcher which goes by the name “Rootless Launcher” on the Google Play Store has been removed altogether. The Rootless Launcher made its appearance a few months back, offering users a Pixel-like launcher experience without having root access. The reason for its removal is owing to the fact that it actually violated Google Play Store guidelines. The launcher supported Google Feed integration but in order to make it possible, it prompts one to sideload an app which isn’t present on the Google Play Store and is considered as a third-party app.

Other launchers also require another app to be installed but do not prompt a download from an outside source. The launcher’s developer, Amir Zaidi, confirmed that it does consist of downloading an app from an unknown source and is trying to figure out a way around this in order to get his app back on the Google Play Store. Since his ‘package name’ has been banned by Google, if you ever install the launcher again in the future, you will need to set it up from scratch.

The developer claims that he is working on a fix and a way to get it working without having to download an app from an outside source and that the app will be up on the Play Store once again. In all fairness, the app is pretty good and brings all the new features of the Pixel Launcher to smartphones which do not have it. If you’ve ever tried out the Rootless Launcher, leave a comment and share your experience with us!



Rootless Launcher removed from Play Store for violation
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Yup. I did try out the Rootless Launcher and it was a good attempt by the developer to bring out something that doesn't need rooting. That was the best point of all.


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