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TOR Browser officially debuts on Android

10 September 2018 3

If you’re conscious of your online privacy and are using an Android phone then we have a good news for you. The “The Onion Router” or TOR network has released an alpha version of TOR browser for Android. The TOR Browser is already being used by a lot of people who wants to keep their data safe and away from prying eyes.

People owning Android phones end up using Google Chrome which syncs almost all the data to Google, right from the searches, browsing data, bookmarks & extensions that you use and your location. This actually isn’t ideal for your privacy. Since mobile devices have become a primary device for getting online and it stores most of your financial details too, the stakes are higher.

The TOR browser is already a goto browser for most for anonymously accessing the Internet from a desktop or a laptop. It is considered most secure and encrypts your web traffic thrice as your data passes through the TOR network and clears stored cookies as soon as the browsing session is over. The browser blocks all the third party trackers which are used to serve you personalized adverts.

The TOR browser for Android is built on Firefox version 60 and comes with NoScript along with HTTPS everywhere extensions. As of now, the browser needs you to install Orbot app on your device to leverage the TOR network. The need to install a separate proxy app would change soon once the stable version of TOR browser for Android is released.

Considering the amount of information Google already has about us, a privacy-centric browser is a must. Though the TOR browser is in alpha right now and may contain a few bugs however with the help of beta testers these would sure be removed soon. While the Android version can be downloaded from the Play store link below or directly from the projects page, iOS users will have to wait for an official version. Till then they can try the Onion Browser for iOS.



TOR Browser officially debuts on Android
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