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Google Assistant at the top in recognizing non-English speakers

16 September 2018 3

Having a voice assistant can be extremely convenient. However, at times it can be quite a pain, especially if the virtual assistant doesn’t pick up what you say either because it requires you to speak slowly or because you have a different accent. In cases like these, an assistant becomes pointless. But why shouldn’t a voice assistant pick up on voice commands just because you have a different accent? After all, it is a voice assistant. So, what happens when you put the top three voice assistants to the test?

This is precisely what VBocalize.ai did. If you didn’t already know, Volcalize.ai is a testing lab which measures automated speech recognition. Just a few months back Google added more languages to its assistant, keeping to up-to-date. The lab put Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri to the test. The most important criteria were how the voice assistants recognized accents. This becomes extremely crucial especially when non-native English-speaking users are using such virtual voice assistants.

The testing was done by first isolating word recognition. A set of 36 words were spoken with the fixed variables being a constant volume and of course the distance of the speaker from the device having the voice assistant. All assistants `passed the test with the Indian and U.S accents, however, it was with the Chinese accents where Google assistant really pulled ahead. The graphs below will give you a better image of the test and which virtual voice assistant came out on top!



Google Assistant at the top in recognizing non-English speakers
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