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Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat may be doomed to failure: Report

17 September 2018 4

Apple announced the AirPower during the iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch launch event last year and was capable of charging multiple devices at the same time. The infamous wireless charger was supposed to be up and selling by March then, September this year however even after the recently concluded launch event it is nowhere to be seen.

There were rumors about the device not able to see the light of the day because of continuous overheating issues. The same now been corroborated by a few sources. A popular Apple tipster Sonny Dickson has reported that the AirPower mat is overheating thus causing issues with the charging rates of the devices kept on it. The report suggests multiple sources working on the AirPower project believe that the charging mat may never make its way out unless some practical working engineering solutions can be found for the below issues :

Heat management

Currently the device produces far too much heat, which causes performance setbacks, and can affect the ability of the devices to charge if they become too warm in the process. It also affects the ability of Apple's custom charging chip, which runs a stripped down version of iOS, to function as intended.

Buggy inter-device communication

Apple's engineers have been experiencing both hardware and software issues with the communication between AirPower and devices placed on the mat, especially the communication of Apple Watch and AirPod charging data to the iPhone, which monitors the charge level of all devices placed on the mat.

Mechanical and interference issues

The mechanism being used for multi-device charging [21 and 24 overlapping power coils of various sizes] is proving extremely difficult to build or refine, and has been resulting in a significant amount of interference, which reduces the efficiency of the charging mat, and contributes to the heat issues that engineers are facing.

In order to get a practical solution of the problems, the design of the AirPower needs to be changed and it needs to be made a bit thicker. However, Apple is “unwilling to make compromises” with the overall design of the AirPower.

While Sonny claims that the AirPower still could start retailing before the end of the year as there are still a few months left, however, engineers involved in development feel otherwise. There are rumors, Sonny reports, which claim that the AirPower trademark and concept could be used for a totally new and unique product which may not launch before spring.



Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat may be doomed to failure: Report
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