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Sony may include PSN name change feature in the future

05 October 2018 3

The PlayStation network has always offered a bunch of amazing features. Be it free games or offers on its subscription plans, the network has managed to survive ever since PSN’s inception in 2006. However, one of the most annoying things about the network was the inability of users to change PSN usernames. Once chosen and linked to one’s email account, users had to stick with that username forever. Well, Sony may be finally offering a fix to that and may allow users to change PSN username. If this is indeed true, it took Sony 12 years to give the fans what they have always been waiting for!

The news comes from a documentation of PSN profile which had an “edit username” option. Supposedly, the source claims that the documentation was a guide for changing one’s PSN username. According to Jason Schreier of Kotaku:

We don’t yet have any sort of timeframe for the feature, and those developers have suggested that as a result of how PSN IDs were originally implemented (linking your account ID to your username rather than some sort of universally unique identifier), retroactively fixing old multiplayer games might be a time-consuming and difficult prospect.

There’s a chance that the feature may be implemented but at a much later time, making it a new feature alongside the launch of the PS5. There’s also a possibility that Sony was only testing the feature with game developers. It could have been only for internal testing purposes and not meant for the eyes of the public. Not too long ago, Adam Llewellyn from The Loot Gaming claimed that:

PSN ID name changes are finally going to come this year. Apparently, the framework will be included in the September update but it will not be enabled until the PlayStation Experience 2018 in December. The reason personalities haven’t been speaking about this feature recently is because they are aware it’s being planned.



Sony may allow PSN name change feature in the future
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