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Google faces condemnation from employees about Rubin's alleged $90M exit package | Report

29 October 2018 4

Google is experiencing a bad limelight these days for a very wrong or a biased decision as you may like to call it. Well, it may not be as disturbing for its followers as it’s for the company’s employees right now. A recent report from The New York Times has disclosed a very important matter that is reportedly affecting Google’s employees.

Last week, NYT’s report claimed that Google gave Andy Rubin $90 million amount as an exit package. Rubin reportedly had an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate while he led Android team at Google and this is against the rules of the company. After the investigation, Rubin was asked to leave the company but he was given a big amount as an exit package which is in against the conditions of Google.

Sundar Pichai, however, made it clear with an internal email that many senior executives were caught into this undesirable or unfitted situation and thus held guilt for the same. According to the email, neither of these individuals were given any kind of exit package. But the special report by NYT titled “How Google Protected Andy Rubin, the ‘Father of Android discloses some interesting facts about the company and its rules that were violated for three top executives including Rubin.

Now, according to Gizmodo’s report, Google is facing condemnation from its employees about Rubin’s reported $90 million exit package and “an apparent lack of transparency about the conditions around which he and other executives left the company.”

The report cites its sources and claims that executives of the search giant held a meeting with employees where they addressed what happened at Google and the things that lacked transparency.

“Multiple company actions strongly indicate that protection of powerful abusers is literally and figuratively more valuable to the company than the well-being of their victims,” read the question, which was displayed at the meeting, according to people who attended. “What concrete and meaningful actions will be taken to turn this around?”

The Times also pointed to a number of employees who took to issue with the company on Twitter.

Sanette Tanaka Sloan, an interaction designer for Google and one such employee tweeted,

Well, such cases play a pivotal role in the internal growth of the company and employees have the right to know what’s going on around those stringent rules that have been made for them. Google’s CEO statement on the same wasn’t really pointing to any specific person, it was more like a general message and if the report from NYT is true then Google should be held accountable for its actions.



Google faces condemnation from employees about Rubin's alleged $90M exit package | Report
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