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Razer Phone 2 teardown shows the tech behind impressive vapor chamber cooling

06 November 2018 3

Razer Phone 2 went official last month with a great tech that cools down the phone while it’s under extensive usage. It’s a gaming phone and includes many different features that you may not find in the existing ones. But being a differently categorized phone, it has successfully gained some specifications that are in trend, for instance, the very trendiest dual cameras.

Razer Phone 2’s vapor chamber cooling system has been optimized for smartphone cooling. This tech spreads out the heat all over the device thus reducing hot spots that make it uncomfortable to hold. Now, the YouTuber JerryRigEverything has done a dissection of the device so as to investigate on this cool tech that cools down its phone.

After tearing apart most of the components, the vapor chamber cooling appears which is basically covering the whole phone. It’s sitting below and serving as a large waterbed to all others placed over it. Technically, this is actually a large copper plate giving a huge boost to thermal performance. This plate is quite thick and as the YouTuber explains,

As the processor heats up the top left corner of this vapor chamber, the vapor inside also heats up and carries the heat away to the far side of the chamber where it cools down into liquid and then flows back to repeat the process.

The curiosity leads to tearing apart this vapor chamber to see what’s inside it. Peeling the back of this plate, the liquid can be seen and not just gas. The YouTuber found this water droplets technology quite impressive and gives thumbs up to Razer.

The Razer Phone 2 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Razer Phone 2 teardown shows the tech behind impressive vapor chamber cooling
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It was impressive to watch the Razer Phone 2's teardown from start to finish. The liquid cooling is something that indeed sounds more impressive than the more standard ways of cooling.


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