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Firefox Quantum to alert users when they visit a recently breached website

16 November 2018 3

Even though we get a lot of alerts while browsing the internet, however getting a warning when you visit a breached website is really helpful. As planned earlier, Firefox is going to do this via a tool called Firefox Monitor notification which is now available on Firefox Quantum.

This alert is really helpful as it will warn the user that the website he/she is accessing isnít secure and canít be trusted with their data. In the past few years, weíve seen a lot of big websites like Facebook, Sony etc. which have been hacked in to and data has been leaked while smaller sites are easily hackable.

The Firefox Monitor service warns users once for every site and repeats the alert only when you visit the website that was breached within last two months Users can click on the alert to visit the Firefox Monitor site where they can check if their data has been compromised. This service shows websites that were breached in the†last 12 months, so you can change your passwords in case your details have been compromised.

This monitor works on the feed from the premium breach notification services Have I been PWNED and is available in 26 different languages. "To power this feature, we use a list of breached sites provided by our partner, Have I Been Pwned (HIBP). Neither HIBP nor Mozilla can confirm that a user has changed their password after a breach, or whether they have reused a breached password elsewhere," said Mozilla in its blog post.



Firefox Quantum to alert users when they visit a recently breached website
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