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Apple iPad Pro (2018) bend test shows the tablet is quite fragile

20 November 2018 2

Apple iPad Pro (2018) is the company’s latest tablet that comes with several upgrades over the predecessor. It’s now thinner and includes the Face ID tech but lacks a headphone jack, however, the USB-C is even more productive as it can also charge an iPhone. And, going by the AnTuTu results, it even has higher GPU performance than the iPhone XS Max. Well, it’s its inner endurance and many of us are eager to know how strong it’s when it undergoes some tough tests. Yes, we are talking about the durability test that is conducted by none other than JerryRigEverything.

According to his published video, iPad Pro has failed to impress when the bend test was applied to it. The display actually got crushed as it folded like a piece of paper. Looking at this, there’s no harm in saying that Apple took no focus on the building materials of the latest iPad Pro. No matter how good it’s internally, the tablet totally fails when it comes to its external boldness and this is something really annoying and disappointing.

Narrator Zack Nelson in the video alleges that there isn't any "structural integrity" to resist bends.

Started with the scratch test, the latest iOS tablet shown the scratches at the same level at which other current smartphones show, i.e the level 6 and it shows the deeper grooves at level 7. Talking about its back, this can get scratches easily as the video shows it started showing the scratches with only a blade. And there’s no sapphire glass on the rear-facing camera as it also started showing the scratches at level 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

With so much of destruction, internal components also get damaged and we have also noticed that the tablet isn't even easy to repair.

Coming to the Apple Pencil, this got broken with not a very significant force and it's just a tad stronger than the wooden pencil.

The video also shows the burn test conducted on the liquid retina display of the iPad Pro which you can watch from the video embedded below.



Apple iPad Pro (2018) bend test shows the tablet is quite fragile
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