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PlayStation 5 rumoured to be unveiled mid next year with eight core Ryzen CPU

21 November 2018 0

The PlayStation 4 will go down in history as one of the best consoles made by Sony. The gaming console launched many years back and till date still captures the hearts of many gamers across the world. The PlayStation 4 has achieved a record of 70.6M sales globally till the end of last year. This success paves the way for the next generation gaming console in the works by Sony. This is none other than the PlayStation 5. Early rumours suggested that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) might feature an octa-core Ryzen CPU and this may be entirely true as a new rumour has surfaced which suggests exactly the same.

Courtesy of a Reddit user named RuthenicCookie, we have more information about the PlayStation 5. Rumour has it that Sony will skip the E3 event and announce the console sometime during the middle of next year. A full reveal will follow during a later PlayStation Experience Event. In addition to this, the user also claims that the PS5 will be equipped with a Ryzen eight-core CPU and will run games at 4K at 60fps. In order to achieve such beast-like performance, Sony will probably be relying upon one of AMD’s Navi GPUs. According to popular belief, the PS5 will come at a price tag of $500.

The good news is that even PlayStation VR is getting a successor. The PSVR2 is rumoured to have a built-in camera and will definitely be better than its predecessor. Do you think these rumours about the PS5 may come to fruition? Let us know in the comments section below!



PlayStation 5 rumoured to be unveiled mid next year with eight core Ryzen CPU
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