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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 passes bend test during a brutal durability test

23 November 2018 1

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the company’s latest Windows 10 tablet in the market launched to compete against the likes of several existing ones from the leading companies, including Apple, Dell, and HP. The Surface Pro 6 comes with several upgrades and new features. But we are also eager to check its endurance when it allows to undergo some harsh test including the scratch, bend, and burn tests.

The very famous YouTuber JerryRigEverything has conducted these brutal durability tests on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 so as to check how hard it’s to avoid any kind of accidents. The YouTuber recently conducted the same durability test on the iPad Pro and the result showed how the device clearly failed the bend test as it folded like a paper. Now, the same series of tests with the same power have been conducted on the Microsoft Surface Pro as well.

First off, contrary to the iPad Pro, the Surface Pro 6 showed some surprising result during the scratch test. The scratches started to appear at level 6 but the entire display showed a hairline crack at level 7 which is surprising to note as the glass of the Pro 6 device is thicker than the iPad Pro. The YouTuber recommends a screen protector so as to avoid such accidents.

The back of the Surface Pro 6 is vulnerable to scratches and the power and volume buttons easily get the scratches as they are made of plastic.

Coming to the decision maker which is the bend test, the Surface Pro 6 also fails at the very first attempt. The screen pops away from the tablet chassis as he applies the force to bend the device. It gains a massive flex and a gap between the screen and the frame can be seen easily.



Microsoft Surface Pro 6 passes bend test during a brutal durability test
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