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Microsoft patents dual-screen foldable smartphone

17 December 2018 2

Microsoft has filed a patent which points towards the possibility of the company manufacturing a dual screen device. This concept isn’t a new one as it is on the checklist of a number of smartphone manufacturers. A recent leak revealed an alleged Samsung phone with dual screens. The Vivo Nex smartphone will feature a dual screen design and perhaps Microsoft is going to join the mix as well. The size of the device indicates that it will be a smartphone.

A close look at the patent reveals that Microsoft is looking to make use of a hinge to connect the two screens together. The Microsoft patent indicates a dual screen folding smartphone. The patent also reveals a pop-up feature which could possibly allow users to open the screen at the press of a button. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the rumours surrounding the Centaurus. The Centaurus is rumoured to be a large dual screen device by Microsoft. It’s pretty clear that Microsoft is certainly concentrating on bringing something new to the playing field in 2019.

It’s really too early to speculate on how this device is actually going to function, However, one thing is for sure, it’s definitely going to be like something which no one has ever seen before!



Microsoft patents dual-screen foldable smartphone
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