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Official Chrome OS Windows 10 dual-boot coming soon

19 December 2018 1

Till date, Chrome OS laptops have failed to support the dual-boot option. All hope isn’t lost as the rumours of Google supporting dual-boot on its Chrome OS laptops is indeed true. It appears that Google is trying to bring this feature to most of its Chrome OS laptops. According to a few code commits, Google may have entered into the advanced stages of development. This means that users may not have to wait too long till their Chrome OS laptops support dual-boot.

The code commits reveal that Google is working on testing disk portioning when cycling the dual boot functionality on and off and UEFI security. As of now, all testing has been restricted to the Pixel Book known as Eve. In not too long from now, dual-booting may be just another general features for Chrome OS laptops. However, there is a catch! This dual-boot feature may only be available on Chrome OS laptops which have at least 40GB of free storage. An XDA developer reported that it may not be possible on those Chrome OS laptops which are restricted to just 32GB of storage.

If dual-boot does become a feature, Google will have to ensure that the firmware of the devices is updated for smooth functioning. This will, in a huge way, introduce an element of flexibility for those using Chrome OS laptops.



Official Chrome OS Windows 10 dual-boot coming soon
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