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Samsung 75-inch and 219-inch modular Micro LED display panels showcased at CES

07 January 2019 3

Samsung last year at CES event introduced the Micro LED display technology on a 146-inch panel and at this year’s event, the company brings some latest innovations in smaller and a larger form factor. This time, Samsung managed to create a 4K Micro LED display in a smaller form factor – 75-inch which is even home-friendly.

As the name implies, the Micro LED uses millions of tiny LEDs to create a big panel. It promises great picture quality of OLED along with better brightness. The best part about them is that they’re modular which means individual panels of Micro LEDs can stand alone or combine to create a gigantic screen. Samsung at CES demoed some of the possibilities as well. Thanks to the bezels around these panels, they offer the maximum scalability. One can create irregular screen sizes like 9x3, 1x7, or 5x1.

According to Samsung, these panels can offer as high as 10K resolution while keeping the pixel density constant. They can also optimize the content regardless of the size and shape of the screen. Along with the new 75-inch size, Samsung has also shown off a larger version of The Wall which has a whopping 219-inches.

Currently, these new Micro LED display panels aren’t meant for the commercial use but Samsung has shown interest in the past to make them also available out of the enterprises’ use. However, Samsung is expected to make the 75-inch 4K Micro LED panel available in 2020.



Samsung 75-inch and 219-inch modular Micro LED display panels showcased at CES
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