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AT&T misleads customers with fake 5G icon

08 January 2019 5

In the race for spearheading the 5G network movement, AT&T has resorted to a marketing gimmick which has fooled tons of users. Three phones on the AT&T network have been updated to show a 5G connectivity logo. However, what is extremely odd is that the alleged 5G network support was added to smartphones which don’t even support 5G networks. The smartphones which mysteriously displayed the 5G icon include the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, LG V30 and the LG V40.

The three devices received a speed boosting update but weren’t actually connected to a 5G network. Owing to the fact that the phones connected to it, it appeared as 5G E instead of LTE. The so-called ‘E’ alongside the 5G icon is supposed to indicate that it isn’t a real 5G connection. The ‘E’ is smaller than the 5G icon and actually stands for 5G Evolution. However, the exact meaning of this, for many users, is unclear and brings in a sense of doubt. In order to set the pace and stay ahead, AT&T has branded portions of its LTE as 5G Evolution. These particular portions have received speed bumps, making it faster than usual LTE connectivity.

In simple terms, this is all about marketing and little to do with actual 5G connectivity. According to AT&T 5G Evolution connectivity, average real-world speeds attain a maximum of 40Mbps. The 5G E icon can be extremely misleading. However, do bear in mind that as of now, there are no carriers offering 5G networks to consumers.



AT&T misleads customers with fake 5G icon
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Maybe AT&T wants to say that even the non-5G phones can get such a speed bump, imagine what the speed will be in the actual 5G scenario.


We have seen companies faking DSLR like images from their smartphones. And now even service providers are resorting to such unfair means. After all, that's what we understand from the story.


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