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Assistant Connect platform will make it easier to add Assistant to smart devices

09 January 2019 2

Google Assistant is by far the most advanced and capable digital assistant. The software prowess from Google has ensured that the Assistant is actually useful in many practical ways other than just checking time and weather. Now Google is making it easier for device manufacturers to incorporate Google Assistant technology to their products.

Google is building an entire ecosystem around Assistant like Amazon has one built around Alexa. This tool can be now used to build devices which can leverage an existing Assistant speaker to deliver content and makes the work of device manufacturers a lot easy.

Google showcased a proof-of-concept e-ink display which pulls of information from the Assistant enabled smart speaker and shows information like weather, calendar events and, commute details.

Another key benefit of Assistant Connect is that it will make the pairing of the smart home device very easy and will actually eliminate the need of a dedicated Hub or a bridge device by using Google Home app for setup. This is also like Amazon’s Wi-Fi Simple Setup.

GE is already using this technology in C bulbs but Google has now opened it for more companies to take advantage of this platform.

Today we’re introducing a preview of Google Assistant Connect, a platform for device manufacturers to bring the Google Assistant into their products in an affordable and easy-to-implement way. Connect uses our existing smart home platform to expand to new device types while making device setup and discovery simple for people.

Assistant Connect creates opportunities to bring different types of smart devices to the market. For example, a partner could create a simple and inexpensive e-ink display that continually projects the weather or your calendar, while using Assistant Connect to deliver content from your linked smart speaker. The Google Assistant handles the higher-order computing—knowing what’s on the calendar, checking for updates, and so on. We’ll have more to share about Assistant Connect and how device makers can gain access to the technology later this year. For device manufacturers who want to learn more about how to integrate Assistant Connect, fill out this form



Assistant Connect platform will make it easier to add Assistant to smart devices
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The "Connect" feature reminds me of the "Switch" feature as both are targeted for the same purpose - using their own products easily and in a more convenient way.


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