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OnePlus battery optimization bug kills apps in background

22 January 2019 5

OnePlus’ Oxygen OS has been accredited for offering a stock like experience along with added functionality. In fact, its OS which is based on Android is quite lightweight while also being packed with multiple useful features. One such tweak is the company’s aggressive battery optimization which attempts to kill apps which are working in the background. While this helps save battery it may kill apps which you want running in the background. Unfortunately, due to some kind of bug, even after disabling this setting or feature for every individual app, the settings randomly reset to their default ones.

However, this appears to be more of a bug rather than an intentional attempt by OnePlus to prolong battery life. When attempting to change the ‘Don’t Optimise’ under the battery optimization setting, it automatically goes back to ‘Optimise’. The issue occurs on Android Oreo as well as Android Pie and especially after rebooting the smartphone or after immediately receiving a software update. However, neither rebooting a device nor a software update should restore the settings of an app. Issues regarding this have been posted by users on the OnePlus forum. While this issue seems minor it’s actually quite frustrating and annoying. It interrupts with apps like Tasker, WhatsApp and even Facebook Messenger. This means users will not receive notifications for these apps if the app is app working in the background is magically killed.

So far, OnePlus has still not responded to the voice of its users. However, given the fact that the company is very popular when it comes to developer support, there’s no doubt that OnePlus will address the issue soon.



OnePlus battery optimization bug kills apps in background
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The battery optimization has been one of the best features OnePlus offered on its phones. Quite helpful when you actually needed to save on your battery in emergency times.


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