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Google Chrome may soon let you link to a text on websites

15 February 2019 2

Google Chrome will soon get an interesting feature that will let you link to a specific sentence/section or even a word on a page. This feature which is not yet available to the most unstable stage of Chrome which is Canary appeared in a recent commit and discovered by ChromeStory.

Well, this feature may come to Microsoft Edge as well since Microsoft is rebuilding the browser from the ground up to run Chromium.

It’s worth noting that currently, we could only link to a specific section of a page if the anchors are created by the developer. But now this new feature will let you link to a section even if the anchors aren’t created already. So, you can generate links with pretty much any piece of text on a specific page.

This is helpful for those who want to share a specific piece of content and not the entire page. Sometimes, we want to bring attention to a few lines in a paragraph, so it would be a convenient method to do so.

The name of this feature is “Scroll to Text” and it’s based on a GitHub project. However, the working of this feature unknown. We may get to know more about this one it goes live in browsers powered by Chromium engine. But, technically, the link would include a reference to the text it points to.

Pretty much all browsers using the Chromium engine will offer such capabilities. Microsoft Edge is migrating from EdgeHTML to Chromium and the preview version of the same is expected to come in the coming months.



Google Chrome may soon let you link to a text on websites
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