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Apple's new patent on foldable display reveals a different and interesting ideology

18 February 2019 3

Apple has filed a patent for a foldable device that includes flexible displays and hinges. This patent, however, is actually a continuation to an older patent which itself a continuation of another patent, and so on until way back to 2011. This shows Apple is doing some kind of assessment with and might be analyzing what could be the better form to put forward with a foldable thing.

While Apple is doing some assessment, other players of the market from the Android world are doing their work towards this same area and are expected to come with their products sooner than the Cupertino-based company. In fact, one of these companies will show up its creation on February 20th.

Looking at the latest patent of Apple, it seems like Apple is aiming at developing a foldable option that could be folded to a smaller form factor for an easy carry around. This means the device would offer a large screen in its default state but become smaller when folded for portability.

Apple is one of those companies that has offered some compact smartphones. But, due to the evolvement of the tech world has evolved and inclination towards phones with bigger screens, companies had to take a different route. These pocket bricks aren’t suitable for many but still, they have to go for one as there aren’t too good options available around. So, Apple’s idea of bringing back the compact form factor could be to address such users. It's harmless to say that while others are reportedly working to increase the available screen estate which may disturb your pockets again, Apple is looking for a best possible option.

Apple’s idea is to use several hinges so that the device could be folded into a smaller form factor. The patent shows a clamshell-style foldable phone that would be a little different from the others which are in development.

The patent reflects that the flexible displays will come mounted to the housing of the device. The drawings show the device gets folded up in half, something similar to the approach of Motorola for its updated Razr phone. The drawings show flexible screens folding up onward and outward.

A number of rumors in the past stated that Apple could launch its foldable phone by 2020. But we haven’t yet reported anything till now that could tell at least, what we may see in the mentioned year.

These are just the patents and the idea behind this product is subject to change. But the ideology behind this approach is different from others and we do want to take the shape of reality someday if not too early.



Apple's new patent on foldable display reveals a different and interesting ideology
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Larger screen when fully unfoleded and smaller when folded, this normally is the profile of foldable phones, like we recently saw with Xiaomi's phone too.


But I'm sure Apple, as always, is known for its innovation, will bring in some new "ideology". The only thing is, it's to be imagined in renders with the help of these patent images.


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