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Facebook working on own semiconductor design for smarter AI

20 February 2019 3

Facebook has been thinking of strengthening its arsenal by working on a new semiconductor design. This is specially for handling the mass amounts of data which its Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses. Rumour has it that the Chief Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Facebook reported it to Bloomberg. Well, this may not come as much of a surprise as Facebook did make its intentions clear last year that it was looking into making its on AI chips.

The researcher, Yann LeCun, who may be the mastermind at Facebook behind all this is well equipped to pull it off. In addition to his expertise in the field of AI, he is also a computer science professor at New York University who specializes in deep learning. LeCun told Bloomberg that:

We don’t want to leave any stone unturned…particularly if no one else is turning them over.

Facebook is attempting to develop semiconductors with the end game being the manipulation of data all at once as opposed to its current process of breaking it down into manageable tasks. These semiconductors would be able to better train deep learning algorithms to achieve its goal. Having its own AI chips would allow the company to better optimise software to work with its hardware instead of having to purchase hardware from other companies. This would result in a lower cost as well as smarter AI.

However, this is just an idea and is still yet to materialise into something concrete. If it does materialise, Facebook could be looking at a smarter and more intelligent AI.



Facebook working on own semiconductor design for smarter AI
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