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Google patents controller with microphone for game streaming service

12 March 2019 2

A year ago, Google made its plan known for creating a game streaming service powered by Chromecast. A newly found patent has just circulated around the internet, showcasing what the controller of that service might look like. Later this month. Google is hosting an event during the Game Developers Conference. There’s a chance we could hear more about its intentions of the game streaming service rather soon.

The patent is actually for a notification system on the controller which will supposedly be used to alert users. These alerts include different scenarios including when a game is ready to play, when a user has received a game invitation or even when a user has received a chat notification. However, in addition to this, the patent also reveals what the controller driving the service could look like. A close look at the figures will reveal more about this upcoming Google gaming controller.

The controller clearly has a double joystick setup which is very similar to the PlayStation 4 controller. Apart from the expected D-Pad, triggers and other buttons, what definitely stands out is what appears to be a microphone button. The suggestion of a microphone button is indicative of Google attempting to add some kind of virtual voice assistant to it. However, do bear in mind that is this far from being a finished product and many patents never ever see the light of day!



Google patents controller with microphone for game streaming service
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From the business perspective, for a company like Google, it's vital they make an entry in the gaming industry too. Happy to know they are finally on the brink.


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