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Google cuts employees from tablet, laptop division

13 March 2019 4

Google’s hardware division has grown exponentially in recent years, due to the success of its smart speakers and Pixel smartphones. However, according to reports, the company is slimming down its hardware portfolio and is moving its employees away from its tablet and laptop division.

A new report has stated that according to people familiar with the matter have revealed that Google has told dozens of employees at its Create hardware division to find jobs elsewhere within Google and Alphabet at large. Some projects have been canceled within the laptop and tablet division, which have led to the changes. The affected employees apparently include hardware engineers and technical program engineers; however, manufacturing roles are reportedly safe as of now.

Sources state that the move comes amid “roadmap cutbacks,” suggesting that the firm is drastically cutting back on these devices. A source has confirmed that the company indeed had “a bunch of stuff in the works” before the employee shift happens.

The shift comes after Google hired Motorola’s Rick Osterloh to head up its hardware business in 2016. At the time the executive had stated that Google was in the hardware business “for the long run.” The company’s Pixel phones and Google Home speakers have been doing very well.

Google’s first tablet the Pixel C which was launched in 2015 had received less than stellar reviews. At the time tech reviewer, Walt Mossberg has said that the Pixel C represents "an object lesson in what Google shouldn't do if it pursues home-grown integration of hardware and software."

Google has not responded to the news as of now, about the shift in its strategy in its laptop and mobile division.



Google cuts employees from tablet, laptop division
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